Saturday, 15 November 2008

Computer Desks and Office Furniture

We are delighted to announce the launch of Chellgrove's new office furniture website. will support our website with one of the widest collections of computer desks, executive office desks, bookcases, cupboards, pedestals, filing cabinets, boardroom tables and meeting tables available online.

We cater for all budgets with items ranging from the 18mm entry-level TREXUS Collection, the 25mm mid-level INFLUX and SONIX Collections, and the 25mm high-level SINTRA Collection.
Discerning executives will be particularly pleased with the stylish and individual ELYSIUM Walnut and Mahogany desks & furniture and the EMPERIAL cherry desks & furniture.

Smaller desks can also be found in our Home Office Furniture collection.

Happy shopping!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Office Chairs for Christmas Delivery

1pm on Wednesday 19th December is the last day to order your home office chair or computer chair if you would like it to be delivered before Christmas. Chairs ordered from our list of Next-Day Delivery page will be delivered on Thursday 2oth December.

Beware when placing orders from other pages to check whether the chair(s) you have selected are next-day delivery items or 2-3 week custom-designed offering.

We will still be able to take Christmas delivery orders up to 12-noon on Thursday 20th December, but you will have to specify our 10am or 9am delivery service (costing a token £14). This service should ensure that your office chairs or computer chairs are delivered to you on the morning of Friday 21st December.

Our next delivery date after Christmas will be Thursday 3rd January.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Prices Reduced on all Next-Day Office Chairs

It's 1am Saturday morning, and I have just finished reviewing and publishing the latest exciting update to our office-chair-uk website: We have removed the "Sale" label from all of our next-day delivery office chairs, and we've dropped the regular prices of the chairs to below their former sale price levels!!

Some of our Next Day Delivery Chairs

This is quite a significant move. We have had the Sale prices in place for so long that they were beginning to feel like they were permanent. We had to do something about that so we decided to review our prices. What we found was that it was not so obvious that our next-day delivery office chairs offer tremendous value for money. Not only are the prices very low, but these low prices actually include VAT already, and delivery between 8am & 6pm the next day is absolutely FREE.

The step we chose to take appears to be counter-intuitive: we went ahead and reduced the regular prices of all our next-day delivery computer chairs and office chairs to below their sale price levels, and then rather than make this a new lower Sale Price, we removed the Sale labels from every one of the next day delivery chairs.

The Rational for this Move?

We have come to realise that people are seeking bargains and comparing on price when they look for their office seating online. For the wise buyer, the mere mention of a sale price is not enough. The item has to come up cheaper than the basket of alternatives that the buyer comes up with on his or her search. So for us, the Sale label is becoming redundant. It might initially get the buyer's pulse racing, but the initial enthusiasm soon wanes when the sale price is found to be equal to or even higher than the prices offered by sellers of similar items.

We are still maintaining one all-inclusive price for the chair plus next-day delivery plus UK VAT. And we are clarifying matters further by only showing a low low regular price with no sale price.

Our Other Point-of-Sale Benefits

As well as showing a single price for the chair plus standard next-day delivery plus VAT so that what you see is all you pay:
  • Our standard free delivery is a Next-Day delivery. Next-Day delivery office chairs bought by 12-Noon will be delivered between 8am & 6pm on the next working day unless the chairs are bought on a weekend / bank holiday.

  • Customers can also specify a delivery date in the future if they will not be available to receive their chairs the next working day. This service is free.

  • In addition, we maintain 12-Noon delivery, 10am delivery, 9am delivery and Saturday delivery services for people who do not want to risk waiting all day for the delivery of their office chairs.

  • We recently introduced a Design Your Own Office Chairs feature for our custom-made office chairs. This complements our Next-Day Delivery service and can be an exciting alternative to buyers willing to wait 3-4 weeks for their chairs.
Our Design Your Own Chairs feature and other sections of the website such as the Ergonomic Chairs and Big & Tall Office Chairs pages still feature some Sale prices.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Design Your Own Office Chair

At Chellgrove Office Chairs, we recently added an innovative new feature to our Office Chair UK website. The feature allows office chair buyers to "design your own office chair" from a collection of basic swivel office chair shells and options that includes hundreds of upholstery fabrics from Camira and Bradbury, over 40 different soft leather colours from Camira's Vintage range, several types of armrests, recline mechanisms, 5-star bases and other options. The other options include a lumbar pump for adjustable lower-back support, seat sliders for adjustable seating depth, writing tablets attached to an arm of the chair, an anti-static pack, and even an attractive leather panel on the seat or backrest of some selected chair models.

The office chair models that these self-designs are based upon are an exciting collection. They range from basic computer operator chair models such as the ALIDA to executive office chairs such as the MILAN and very comfortable ergonomic chair models such as the FLEXION. Chair models with weight capacities of 17 stone (115kg) and 23 stone (150kg) are included, so that most people's needs are catered for. The chairs are all custom-made in the UK and delivered within 2-3 weeks of the buyer's confirmed order.

The layout of the "design your own office chair" page itself is very basic and heavily text-laden. This is because we have tried to show as much price information as possible up-front to allow buyers to compare the various chair shells and options on offer.

The new "design your own office chair" feature for custom-made office seating complements our "Next-Day Delivery Office Chairs" feature. This latter feature allows buyers to select from a collection of stock computer operator chairs and leather-faced office chairs for free next-day delivery to any UK mainland address. The custom-made design-your-own chairs are inevitably more expensive than the next-day delivery offerings, but both groups of chairs provide tremendous value for money.

Chellgrove's old favourites are still very much in evidence on the site, including our wide selection of UK-made Ergonomic Office Chairs. (The world-reknown OBUSForme chair and OBUSForme Executive Leather Chair are actually made in Canada.) Other old favourites on the site include our office reception seating and our heavy duty office chairs (also called big and tall office chairs.) My favourites in this latter group are the 35 stone heavy duty computer chair which is selling very well and the Concorde Executive Chair with special button-adjustment-controls which is also custom-made in Canada and sells for between £900 and £1,000 depending on whether you want it upholstered in a heavy-duty fabric or a soft leather colour.

If you are visiting Chellgrove Office Chairs' websites, be sure to take a peek at our Customers' Feedback page. It is a very impressive collection of positive comments from customers who are obviously very pleased with Chellgrove's products and our customer service.

Chellgrove Office Chairs

Chellgrove Office Chairs has finally entered the Web 2.0 era with the creation of the company's first blog. "We have watched developments in the Web 2.0 world with very keen interest", says managing director Bola Egunjobi. "We first attempted to set up a blog when we created the business in 2004, but the buzz of activity involved in setting up and running a new business meant that we did could really devote the right amount of time to do it well. The Internet landscape has changed considerably in 3 years, and continues to change. We are now ready to go interractive on the web" , he added.

Bola expects that this blog will be used to increase the transparency of the business to its clients and other visitors. There will be stories about the various products and product categories and notices about new additions to the range. The blog will also enable the company to give more detailed descriptions of its offerings than it is able to do on its websites' products and category pages.

Chellgrove Office Chairs also expects to be able to have a more interractive relationship with its public. Buyers will be able to submit reviews and feedback on their purchases onto the blog. This will represent a great improvement on the basic Customers' Comments page on the office chair uk website.